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Our bath gets hot in 30 minutes

Just enough time for you to come up with bath besoms

Thoughtfulness to the finest details and high quality is our key difference from competitors. No need for you to modify or rework anything: it is an originally sound and clever design. We are putting our heart in our work and have nothing to blush for

Quality assurance

We confirm the quality of each bath we build.

Guarantee for our baths is 12 months!



Lucky bath is a good bargain for your country cottage

What is Lucky bath? It is a perfect bathhouse for a country cottage, as it fits all the owner’s wishes.

Quick and easy installation

Due to its compact size, Lucky bath is easily transported by loader-crane truck, since the weight of the building is only 900 kg. To install the Lucky bath no deep foundation is needed. It is enough to lay 6 waterproof concrete blocks on a level area, and a platform for installing a Lucky bath is ready. We provide prompt delivery and installation of orders within one day

The construction is delivered in the following options:

— Completely finished Lucky bath;

— Disassembled bath with on-site assembly service;

— Disassembled bath for customer assembly.

Thoughtfulness to the finest details is the key difference of Lucky bath. You will not have to modify or rearrange anything on your own. Directly on installation Lucky bath n installationve tos needed a country cottage? лий и возникших вопросов перевод (толкование) расшифрованных реалий.

is ready to use.

Compact size

The size of Lucky bath is 4 by 2 meters, the area is 8 square meters. The internal space is divided in half for the steam room and the rest room, the area of each room being 4 square meters. The height of the ceiling in Lucky bath is 2 meters. Sweating benches in the steam room are 2 * 0.6 m and 2 * 0.3 m. Despite the seeming smallness, thanks to the perfect space-expanding layout, 3 or 4 people can comfortably sit in the steam room.

If you do not have enough space around your country cottage, or you just wonder why put a bathhouse sized like an inn where you might grow greenery instead, then Lucky bath is a perfect solution for you.


Lucky bath can be used all the year round, as the construction is complete with high-density rock wool heat retainer, wind shield, and vapor seal. The basic equipment includes a drainage system, electric lighting, a stainless steel chimney. Sheathing of the steam room is made of natural cedar, and the rest rooms are made of solid pine, the floor in all rooms is made of larch.

The compactness of Lucky bath and the properly selected boiler ensure a quick heating of the room. The boiler and chimney are fire-proof due to using glass-magnesium panels with a metal frame withstanding temperatures up to 1,500 degrees.

Turn-key readiness

Directly on installing the structure, you can heat the bath to try out the novelty. A convenient and low-energy Zharstal boiler with a 48-liter hot water cylinder comes complete with the basic equipment.

The heating of the bath is carried out from the rest room and takes 15  to 45 minutes, depending on the desired temperature and season. The average heating time is 20 minutes. It leaves you just enough time to come up with bath besoms.



Attractive styling

Lucky bath is not only functional, but also beautiful. It perfectly fits into the landscape of any summer residence. The best way is to arrange the construction next to the pool so that you can dip immediately after the bath. The exterior decoration of the building imitates natural pine beams.

The roof of the building is made of metal tile with polymer coating. You can choose one of the three possible colors of the roof:

— Red;

— Green;

— Brown.

You can have a look at the finished samples of Lucky bath at the exhibition grounds of our company.

Affordable price

We have optimized the production processes, reducing the associated costs. Due to this, the cost of Lucky bath remains at a minimum level, affordable for most summer residents.

At the moment, the cost of Lucky bath is only 142 000 rubles.

For this price you get a functional bath, made of quality materials and ready to work all year round. The design of the bath was voted perfect by a lot of customers, it has passed the time probation. Which is no surprise, because we are putting our heart in every bath, so we never blush for our work. In addition, all the baths we produce have a 12-month guarantee.


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