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Our customers

Well, I had never fancied to have a bathhouse, but then I saw one in the neighbourhood, and I liked it. So I decided to order the same for myself. I am really happy about my bathhouse, you can just come in and wash. It looks great, and what is more, it’s made from greenfield to operations, on turnkey basis. It’s just as nice as can be for me. Many thanks to the company.

We ordered a bathhouse at the Luckybath (Udachnayabanya) Company. And to my mind the bathhouse is really lucky! Because, first of all, the boys who came to work on it, proved to be diligent, pulling together, and what I liked most, they didn’t use bad words, which is really great! Each of them did his part of job, it was clear that it wasn’t their first time, it was a good piece of a teamwork. It is the evidence of the quality of working. It took them just a few hours to assemble the bathhouse, the bathhouse is very nice, everything is done properly, if there were any small bugs I noticed, they improved everything on the spot. It was a faultless job. So, we only have to use it now: wash, enjoy the steam-bath, I think everything is going to be all right. We just have to soak it, we’ll do it, and it will work properly. Well, what else is there to say? Employ the Luckybath Company, it is quite trustworthy!

I have found the Luckybath company myself, as I live not far from their office. What was redeeming, the fact that the rackman came at once, we made clear a few points relating to the fact the plot is sometimes flooded, so it was necessary to make a higher foundation for the bathhouse, which of course makes a special problem for assembly, as you can see. But nevertheless, they’ve made it in no time, and with a good quality as far as I can judge. Also rewarding is that the workers obviously love their job. So they made it very meticulously, even walking in bare-footed not to bring in any dirt. Well, to make the long story short, I would recommend the company to many of my friends… For that matter, I have already recommended it to a friend of mine. The company will cope with any orders. I am really grateful to them and am going to turn to them for other matters too.

To buy a bathhouse we turned to the Luckybath Company. When choosing the design, we wanted it to have two rooms, to be comfortable, so we could both wash there and use it for other purposes. The price was also good for us. Assembling the bathhouse, the builders did a really good job, no faults were found, and nothing happened to it during the winter. I am really happy with the bathhouse, I spend there all my spare time, so thank you ever so much for such an excellent bathhouse!

Luckybath Co.

It takes one day to set the construction!

The steam bath is hot in 30 minutes!

Only 10% upfront fee!

The price includes absolutely everything:

— delivery, assembling

— metallic tile double-pitch roof

— larch floor

— heat retainer for walls and floor, wind shield, vapor seal

— solid fuel boiler

— stainless steel chimney and cylinder

— boiler thermal protection

— big and small aspen sweating benches

— windows, doors, doorknobs, hinges

— water disposal system

— installation foundation blocks

A bonus: a thermometer, a water scoop, a washbasin, a cap, a mitten and stones for the boiler

Luckybath  tel. (383)331-01-07

No.5 Inzhenernaya St., of.221, Novosibirsk


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